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Australian Fashion Week 2023

JOSEPH & JAMES had the the privilege of showcasing our Part One & Part Two collections at AFW 2023 as part of the David Jones Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway.

Australian Fashion Week 2023

It was so exciting to showcase at Australian Fashion Week 2023 as part of the Indigenous Fashions Project program [blog content].

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Why did you decide to leave New York for Italy? What year was this?

1996, for a change of life… a different environment outside of America where the values are very different.

What inspired you to get into business together with this B&B?

It was a passion project for us both. For James it was a chance to try his hand with décor and design and for Matthew it was a chance to use his 30 years of hospitality experience in a new way and in a serene environment.

How did the two of you meet?

We met in New York while I was back and forth from Oregon opening a restaurant. We connected through an online dating app and fell for each other instantly. Within two months we were living together in the East Village.

What were you both doing at the time?

Matthew - I was a Director of Operations for Pok Pok Restaurants.
James - I was a freelance stylist for fashion also burning the candle at both ends to launch my magazine, Document Journal (which I have since sold).

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